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Gap Analysis

by lyn christian on October 16, 2009

Office lifeAre you wondering how well your company is doing strategically?

Would you like to better understand how you measure up in terms of basic business infrastructure?

Do you have five minutes to find out?

Fill out this worksheet:

Gap Analysis Worksheet

Select a category of company with which you would like to benchmark your own planning process or characteristics.  Have the management team rate each statement according to the following scale, then average:

1 – Strongly Disagree   2 – Somewhat Disagree                                                  3 – Somewhat Agree    4 – Strongly Agree

Comparison with Inc 500 Overall

                                                                Our Rating Inc 500 Rating Gap

  1.   Our corporate culture                                  ______         3.65    _________ 

         emphasizes trust.     

  2.   Creative and open thinking are

        emphasized in our planning process.     ______         3.61    _________       

  3.   Our company has clearly defined           ______         3.57    _________

         and documented vision, mission,

         and values statements.

  4.   Strategic planning and a continuous    ______          3.52     ________

         process, rather than a yearly event.        

  5.   Our mission and vision guide our          ______         3.39      ________

         strategic objectives.                                    

  6.   Our strategic plan has a clear link         ______         3.30      ________

         to daily operations.                                 

  7.   Lessons learned from the success        ______         3.28       ________

         or failure of our prior strategic

        plans vastly contributed to our

        present plan.

  8.   We view the strength of our planning   ______       3.24       ________ 

        process as one of our competitive   


  9.   Our firm has a clear and strong account- _____       3.24       ________

         ability and reward system tied            

        specifically to our strategic objectives.

10.   Our plan uses recommendations       _______       3.20       ________

         from employees of all levels and                     


 11.  Most employees of the company       ________     3.11       ________

         could easily and accurately describe 

         the mission, vision and values

         statements if asked.

Gap Analysis Worksheet taken from:  Strategic Planning Techniques for Entrepreneurial Businesses, Inc. Executive Coaching, 2000, G+J USA Publishing.  Visit

In which of these 11 areas do you feel most compelled to take action?   Create a 30 day plan to increase your rating in this part of your business.  Get an accountability partner to review your plan and hold you to it!





About the Author: Lyn Christian is the founder of SoulSalt Inc. a coaching and coach training company. She is passionate about the “free-agent” worker who wants to earn their living and live their lives by doing what inspires them. Get more information  by visiting .

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