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by lyn christian on February 1, 2010 a coach I have been entrusted with the rewarding experience of sitting on the sideline supporting people who want growth. Every single encounter where this growth occurs, there is one consistent outcome – the client always, always increases their personal level of healthy self-confidence.

Increased confidence is only one of the outcomes; however, it is a critically important one because we live in a world where everything we know is in flux. Earth is increasingly a place of groundlessness. People who have appropriate self-confidence basically have a resilience in a time when power comes from confidence in your own best judgment.

There are many tools, strategies and exercises that we use in coaching that assist in increasing an individual’s confidence. Here is a short list that you might be able to self-coach.

  • Stretch yourself. Do something that is just beyond your reach. Push to do something feasible yet something that requires you to push your own envelope.
  • Recognize and name your assets. To be more specific, learn your strengths and then learn how manage your life using these as the levers for lift.
  • Be willing to be your own best friend. Give yourself the support you want, need and deserve – the support you might be more willing to give to someone else other than yourself. Take assertive action against any inner dialogue that cuts you off at the knees.
  • Give from generosity. Give with no strings attached and anonymously. No one may know where the gift originates, but everyone benefits from the pure energy of the interaction. This type of loving gesture heals every soul (and yours, in particular) because the action is charged with nothing but positive action.
  • Lead your life from your core values and your principles.

So here is your self-coaching challenge: pick one of these elements and work on it for seven days…see the difference and the growth for yourself!




About the Author:  Lyn Christian MCC, CFCC, is the founder of SoulSalt, Inc., a coaching and coach training company.  She is passionate about the “free-agent” worker who wants to earn their living and live their lives by doing what inspires them.  Get more information by visiting or contact Lyn directly through

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