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Power of An Attitude

by Neil Phillips on March 1, 2010

Since baseball pitchers have reported for spring training, and the hopes of every baseball fan are still undiminished for 2010, I am reminded of the power of our attitude to define our everyday role.

The joke about umpires goes something like this:

Three baseball umpires are sitting over coffee one morning as they prepare to start their baseball season.  A spirited argument breaks out about the right way to call the pitches from behind home plate.

  • The first umpire says “Well, a lot of them are balls, and a lot of them are strikes, but I always calls ’em as I sees ’em.”
  • The second umpire says “I calls ’em as they are.”
  • The third umpire slowly looks at his two colleagues and declares “They ain’t nothin’ until I calls ’em.”

As we go from day to day in our business, we have options about our opportunity.  Consider the example of a new niche market.

  • Is the niche already there, with your job centered on describing it as you see it?
  • Is your job to research what it is?
  • Is your opportunity to give it the shape you want?

I recently started coaching a direct seller in a networking company who grew so fast that she has the enviable misfortune of leading hundreds of people on her team that she’s not even met.  She has chosen the third option.  When we talk next, she’ll let me know the powerful shape that these people are giving her business and how she can harness their energy.

Which line of the joke are you?  (Just kidding.  I couldn’t resist.)

How will you describe your opportunities?

About the Author: Neil Phillips is a founding partner of Team Connections and Director of the DSWA Coach Excellence program.  Get more from Neil on his Direct Selling Notebook , the DSWA Coaching Center and Twitter.

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