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What You Wear

by lyn christian on June 21, 2010

by Lyn T. Christian MCC, CFCC

In our book the Entrepreneur’s Toolkit:  A Self-Coaching Guide to Small Business, Neil and I talk about the “other side of Entrepreneurship” – our personal life. None of us can completely remove what we do at work with who we are. This is where the part of me that is trained in life-coaching comes out and offers a few thoughts about what we wear to work.

Some of us wear the latest fashion, while others find ways to coordinate the old with the new to create a unique “look”. For some the most important part of our appearance is how our hair is trimmed or if our shoes shined. Others of us could care less. No matter what, I’ve observed that the contents of what shines from within will always trump what we are wearing on the outside. In my opinion, the most important part of what we wear shows up on our face and we take it into our work every day.

My favorite things to find in my own and in other people’s faces would be:

Love– is a golden thread of invincible power that can connect every human being to every other human being. We hunger for it. We need it. Humans must be cared for, wanted, and we must belong in order to reach our highest potential. Mother Teresa said, “Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.” It all starts by connecting unconditionally to self.  Loving self involves smiling at every part of you – from your excellent to your quirkiness. In kind, love progresses when we then grant this immeasurable gift to the rest of the world.

Joy – this complex attribute is the amalgam of several shades of itself:

Truth – the state of remaining true to a personal code of conduct that includes living by a set of sanity bearing, stabilizing core principles or values. Listening to the wisdom of your own heart and mind and then responding well to it is an act of personal honesty.

Courage – the freedom bearing posture of knowing what your truth is and then living it no matter what. It is also the challenging posture facing things that scare us and doing something about them anyway.

Peace – a desire to live in respectful and joint creativity with others. It is a personal -sense of quiet that comes when you are confident inside your own skin. A stillness of soul that is highly aware and emotionally smart.

And when you have all three flowing inside, you have the lightness of character called joy. Joy bubbles up and out of your eyes and face more brilliantly than any man-made object ever could.

Gratitude – How open is your mind? How soft is your heart? How many things can you say “thank you” for each day and mean it? The greater the measure you can answer to these questions, the more stunning effects gratitude has on your face.

So now you’ve heard my opinion. What do you like to see in your face and in the faces of those you work with? Neil and I would love to know.

Follow this link to view a YouTube rendition of this same concept:

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