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Lyn and Neil are entrepreneurs at their core. They are also writers, speakers, coaches, and sock-allies. Lyn lives in the Salt Lake City area and Neil resides in the Dallas-Fort Worth region.

Lyn's resume will tell you that she spent 15 years in the world of academics as an award winning teacher. It lists numerous books, training programs and articles to her credit. It will talk about credentials in project management and mastery level coaching. The resume names her as a Director of Innovation in her last two corporate stints and shows her currently living as a free agent and CEO of SoulSalt Inc.

What the resume fails to note is this:

• It fails to say how passion was spent along the way in every venture, every project.

• It won't talk about parenthood or greatest accomplishments: Three amazing adult children, one loving partner, and endless heart connections around the world.

• The resume' can't reflect the zeal she experiences when championing the free agent workers who are living their lives and earning their living by doing those things that inspire them.

• It won't reveal the fire she has in her belly about maximizing each and every capacity that her clients and she have. Nor will it express how her strength and endurance are at a life-time high.

• It won't be able to illustrate how firmly SoulSalt, Inc. is founded on purpose driven foundation.

A resume' is a wonderful tool and yet it can't tell you one huge lesson she learning along the way:
The longer we live with open hearts and minds, the less we need ego to fuel our souls.

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A farm boy, a Ph.D., a Tupperware lady, a CEO, and a coach walked into a room. He asked for a Diet Coke and sat down.

Neil has spent the better portion of his life studying and thinking about communication. Neil is the guy who never has to be in the spotlight, although he can be. His passion is coaching; asking the difficult questions that make you think.

Growing up on a family farm, Neil gained great insight into what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. He knows the value of hard work, both physically and mentally. Ever been a good farm neighbor? He would love it as a eulogy.

As an academic, he studied interpersonal communication and earned his Ph.D. from the University of Kansas. In one form or another, he coached debaters for two decades. In highly competitive national competitions, he helped his teams be their best. He learned that a coach can only be as successful as his clients.

Neil spent thirteen years coaching Tupperware ladies who ranged from hobbyists to six-figure income earners. He even held parties to understand the language, communication, and challenges his team faced. When he sold his franchise, his team was recognized as number four in the United States.

As a father of five adult children, Neil believes he has given each of them a gift of independence. "My children have all that they need to make the right choices for themselves, and I am proud of each of them." He revels in his grandchildren and his wife is still his best friend (among several roles).

He is currently CEO of Team Connections, an international coaching company serving small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Most importantly, he learned that life is really about choices:

Be happy where you are; you chose it. If you don't want to be there, then be somewhere else.

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