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Coaching Defined

The roots of coaching are probably most directly followed back to the 1980's when business consulting arrived on the scene in the form of management and financial consulting.

However, coaching is not consulting. While from a statutory standpoint, coaching is a form of consulting. From most other perspectives, differences are apparent. Consulting gives answers and leaves you to do the work.

Coaching draws out answers and stays by your side to hold you responsible to:

  • Take new action
  • Continue along the path over time
  • Learning what's working
  • Learning what's not working
  • Holding you accountable to what you know
  • Holding you accountable to grow

The following distinctions may further clarify what we do and do not do as coaches. Can you see why coaching fits within the realms of "self help" and adult learning?


TRAINING - deals with a fixed agenda and instructional design.
Coaching - deals with designing the process and work around the client's agenda.

MANAGEMENT CONSULTING - deals with providing answers.
Coaching - deals with asking questions and evoking answers from the client's own wisdom bank.

THERAPY - deals with healing or repairing something from the past.
Coaching - deals with pro-active motion for now and forward into the future.

COUNSELING - deals with remedial approaches to ameliorating deficits,
Coaching - places emphasis on strengths and achievements and what we can now do moving forward.

MENTORING - is usually career or skills focused, creates future behaviors based on integrating with the wisdom and expertise of someone else.
Coaching - deals with supporting the experiences, expertise and wisdom of the client in all aspects (personal and professional) while making relevant changes.

As coaches we promise to see your greatness, to hold onto it until you see it. At that point we'll strategize/plan so you can do something with your genius.

Here's how and where we individually excel as coaches.

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SoulSalt Inc. Coaching from Lyn Christian and Associates
Vist the Website:

Soul Salt LogoLyn's focus is to work exclusively with the highly creative, exceptionally daring "free agents" who want to live their lives doing what inspires them. Entrepreneurs, people reinventing their working identities, and philanthropists looking for deeper meaning are among her key clients.

Surrounded by a cooperative spirit and working from abundance, she has assembled a group of hand-picked coaches. Regardless of the assignment, regardless of the need and regardless of the budget, we create coaching engagements that turn ordinary people into heroes, champions and extraordinarily satisfied clients.

Our custom tailored experiences focus on four main coaching specialties:

  • Life-Strategies Coaching
  • Small Business/Entrepreneur Coaching
  • Learning to Manage like a Coach
  • Leadership/Management Coaching

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Team Connections Coaching from Neil Phillips and Associates

Vist the Website:

Team Connections LogoNeil's focus is on purposive movement. You can choose to settle, choose to drift, or choose to go where your talent and spirit will let you. When you are ready to make the latter choice, he is ready to help you.

Neil and his associates coach entrepreneurs in start up mode. At this time, direct selling professionals are a large segment of Team Connections' coaching clientele. They don't always think of themselves as entrepreneurial despite the fact that they start with a sales kit and a dream and achieve success based on their own efforts. They have a desire to achieve, accept responsibility for their actions, have a profit/reward orientation, and demand excellence. Coaching gives them the opportunity to look at their activities through different eyes and the resultant vision demands their attention. We provide a partnership which supports your success.

Team Connections' personal coaching is customized to focus on your strengths, competencies, and goals. Team Connections will work with you in a variety of formats. One-to-one interactions will help you identify how to take your business and your life to the next level. Group coaching is ideal if you will openly explore goal setting and performance, plan with others, and explore strategic opportunities. The internet and technology are just starting to offer viable alternatives and we are open to experiment as much as you are.

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